Open Active Directory Users and Computers for a specific OU

After using Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) for decades I only recently learned that there is indeed a way to 'directly jump' to a specific Organizational Unit (OU) when starting it. I wanted this for years because I tend to forget where exactly some things are to be found in our rather big OU structure.

From the command line, ADUC can be called - quite 'self-explanatory' - by starting dsa.msc. Documentation about available command line options is hard to find but in addition to /domain= and /server= there is one option that you can use to specify the Relative Distinguished Name (RDN) for an OU to be used. Example:

dsa.msc /rdn="OU=VMs,OU=ESX,OU=KO,OU=Lokal,OU=...,OU=...,OU=..."

RDNs are essentially the 'left part' of a full Distinguished Name (DN) attribute for an OU. They can be derived from the latter by simply removing the DC=... part from them.

When specifying an RDN on the command line ADUC will not simply 'jump to' this OU but will instead show only this OU (plus sub-OUs) and nothing much else (except stored queries). It doesn't even show the OU path from the root to the specified OU. This might be a drawback for daily work but I did create a handful of desktop shortcuts to directly get to specific and deeply nested OUs anyhow. And, of course, you can have an 'unrestricted' session of ADUC running in parallel.